Thursday photo prompt – Low tide #writephoto

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A walk at low tide


Our little holiday house was a very short distance from the sea. Nana and Granddad were staying in their own little holiday house which was higher up the hill. They had a better view of the ocean than we did but they had to walk down the road to get to the beach. The beach was narrow with thick bushes and short, stubby trees growing on either side of it. The previous morning, the water had only been about 30 metres from our front door; that is how close we were to the sea. Today, the water was far, far away. From the doorway, I could see miles and miles of wet sand. It was still really early, the sun was just peeping over the horizon and making the sky all pink and gold. There was nobody around at this time of the day to make footprints so the sand was perfectly smooth. Dad said that it was low tide. This meant that the water had pulled back from the beach and left lots of open space for us to play in. Willy and I wanted to go for a walk across that lovely, flat sand. Mom and Dad said that they would take us walking but we had to get dressed first. I have never seen Willy get dressed that fast before. He was such a good boy, he lifted up his legs when Mom helped him to put on his underpants and shorts and he put his head through the correct hole of his T-shirt. I wonder if Mom noticed? In a very short space of time we were on the beach, slapping across the soggy sand towards the distant sea. The wind was a bit cold so I was glad I was wearing my jacket. I wasn’t wearing any shoes and the cold watery sand squeezed up between my toes. Every now and then a little hole would open in the sand and a tiny sea creature would pop up and then vanish again. Willy was completely thrilled at the appearance of these little crabs and was determined to catch one. He raced from hole to hole, digging into the wet sand with his little hands and shouting with disappointment when he didn’t manage to catch anything. I didn’t join in. I didn’t know what those funny little crab creatures were and I wasn’t going to risk my fingers being nipped. Willy’s antics slowed us down and so it took us quite a while to cross the section of the beach that was surrounded on two sides by bushes and trees. We stepped out from behind the shelter of the trees and onto the open beach. We walked straight into the icy wind. It pulled on my hair and clothes and stung my face and bare legs. Willy screamed with fright and leaped into Mom’s arms. She wrapped him up in her jacket and stopped walking. The wind was strong and cold but I wanted to walk on a bit further towards the grey sea. The sand on the beach was rippled in pretty patterns from the strong wind and the sea had lots of white, frothy sea horses. Mom and Dad spoke to each other and Dad said that he would walk on with me for a bit longer. Mom had to carry Willy back to the cottage. Willy is quite a fat little boy and I watched Mom stagger off with him still cuddled up inside her jacket. Walking back the way we had come.

Extracted from Silly Willy goes to Knysna

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      1. I know that feeling… My elder son thought it would be amusing to buy a rremote controlled and very realistic tarantula a while ago.You have never seen six foot of young man jump so high or far outside of the Olympics… 😉

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