#Loveuary – Our hero!

This post is for Ritu Bhathal’s Loveuary challenge. You can join in the fun here https://butismileanyway.com/2017/01/31/loveuary%e2%9d%a4-a-prompt-list-of-sorts/comment-page-1/#comment-57219.

I wrote this poem about my husband, Terence. We live near to a large bird sanctuary. Most of the park is kept in as natural a state as possible which means that the veld grass is long and tall and there are wild flowers and little crab-apple trees. It is a delightful place to walk and there are two large ponds, both of which have a variety of different ducks that you can feed. The one down side is that during the winter months, we get the odd visitation from a rat. I hate rats and am really scared of them, even if I am bigger and stronger; they have tails and teeth and move really fast. When we have a visitation, Terence is tasked with getting rid of the rat and he now does this using rat glue. We decided on this method as the rat traps don’t work and I can’t risk the birds by using rat poison. Terence is now quite famous within the family for his rat catching abilities, so much so that I felt they warranted a mention in this poem.

Our hero

Our hero, he stands,

So tall and strong;

It is reassuring to know,

That it’s to him we belong;


Clever and confident,

Yet quick with a smile;

Always willing and able,

To go that extra mile;


With his sons he will play,

A practice cricket match;

Then inside he’ll give a hand,

With glue a rat will catch;


Generous with money,

Almost to a fault;

Not superstitious though,

So don’t try throw spilt salt;


But beware,

If agreement to some plan

From him you lure;

He’ll never change his mind again,

So you’d better be quite sure.

by Robbie Cheadle


9 thoughts on “#Loveuary – Our hero!

  1. Loved your poem Robbie.. And a great tribute to your hubby.

    I had not heard of the use of Rat Glue before.. How does it work despite the obvious it getting stuck in it? And do you then remove the rat to another area ? I am curious.. 🙂

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    1. Hi Sue Thank you for your kind comments about the poem. Rat glue is awful and I don’t get involved in it as the rat usually dies (I assume of fright when it can’t get itself free). It is quite horrible but it is a conundrum as you also can’t have rats roaming free in your home. The glue comes in a tube and Terence buys it from the hardware store. Terence squeezes it onto a piece of cardboard and places it somewhere strategic where the rat has been seen. In the morning often the rat is caught and is dead. As I said I won’t use rat poison which is also cruel to the rat and a danger to the bird life.

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      1. Thanks for that explanation.. Yes its gruesome which ever method and I like you do not like to think of any animal suffering even a rat.. But I know its a must sometimes or we get overrun.. Thank you again for taking time to explain Robbie. 🙂

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