I often have to do post graduate training in my job. It is one of the things I love doing as I really enjoy sharing information with other people. I encourage my audience to be very participatory and they usually are. On the whole, my training experience is lots of fun and quite rewarding but I do get the odd person who doesn’t really want to be there. I wrote this poem based on a few of these less enthusiastic attendees. I think I might hand it out as pre-course training going forward [giggle!].

When I am training,

And standing up front;

Some people opt out,

To be quite blunt.


Do they not know,

I see each face;

Some clearly listening,

Others, time just waste.


Out of the window,

A few like to gaze;

What’s happening inside,

To them, a haze.


Others settle back,

Their eyes soon close;

A good opportunity,

For a short doze.


The worst are those,

That have a meal;

Crisps crunch, coffee slurps,

Their manners, unreal.


I used to get cross,

At how some behave;

When over the slides,

For hours I slave.


Now I don’t worry,

I have worked out;

How to get my own back,

without having to shout.


When a query they have,

I don’t curl my toes;

I let my phone ring,

To voicemail it goes.

By Robbie Cheadle


11 thoughts on “From the front – a poem about training

  1. That’s hilarious, Robbie. I’m sure there are many who can identify – from either direction. It would be good to get a show of hands before you start – read out the poem and ask them to tell you which they will be. You could put all the window gazers together, and all the snorers together, e.g. 🙂

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