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An encounter with a knight

We passed through the great stone arch of the castle and into the dark, cold entrance hall. I felt totally overwhelmed and was glad to have my Mother by my side. We climbed up the steep stone steps and came out onto a platform above the vast kitchen. A scrumptious banquet was being prepared and there were piles of interesting foods on every wooden countertop. The room was a hive of activity with people of all shapes and sizes scurrying everywhere.

Willy charged onto the platform, sword drawn and mouth wide open. A great roar came from his throat as he spotted the suit of armour in the stairwell, tucked behind a great lantern. Willy bounded forward and smashed his sword into the metal figure. The head fell off with a loud clang and rolled across the floor. Willy’s roar turned into a wail of anguish as he looked at his toy light sabre. The impact had shattered the plastic and the dangling blue shards hung on by a delicate thread. All the tourists and visitors to Dover Castle were gazing up at us, shocked by the racked. Mom was a deep shade of red at all the commotion Willy was causing and quickly picked him up. Trying to sooth him with promises of a replacement sword if he stopped yelling. I was annoyed, Willy always ruined everything and, because of his noisy howling, he always got a reward instead of the punishment he deserved. Willy is three years old and he loves knights, swords and guns. At home he has a whole trunk stuffed full of toy swords and another packed with toy guns. Willy also likes to dress up. He wears some very funny stuff and it makes people stare at us which I hate. Today, Willy is Anakin Skywalker. Star Wars is his latest craze. He is wearing white long johns and a white spencer and over this he has on a pair of silk Spiderman boxer shorts and his Peter Pan shirt. His blonde hair is tied into a ponytail on top of his head and is sticking up like a curly pig’s tail. Does he have any idea how silly he looks? Silly Willy!

We set off for the gift shop straight way to get Willy a new sword. Willy’s idea of England is gift shops. Everywhere we go he demands to go to the gift shop so that he can look at the swords. They really do have great swords here, made of wood and really strong. Willy wanted his new sword now and Willy never waits for anything!

Extracted from A holiday to England with my baby brother by Robbie Cheadle


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21 thoughts on “Thursday’s photo prompt – Waiting #writephoto

    1. Michael is not at all happy about being renamed Silly Willy. Funnily enough, we were going to call Mike Nicholas and then my Gregory, aged 2 1/2 years. started calling my tummy ridicolas Nicholas. Needless to say we decided to change his name. Happy Friday!

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