Dragon cupcake display

img_0333Tomorrow is my Michael’s birthday and he is turning eleven years old. He asked to take something nice to school for his birthday to share will all his friends. We decided on a dragon cupcake display.

We made 20 vanilla cupcakes. I used my vanilla milk recipe but any vanilla cupcake recipe is fine for this display. I used gold cupcake holders as I wanted to make a gold and green dragon. I iced each cupcake with vanilla butter icing and “glued” it into position on the cake board using a bit more vanilla butter icing.

I mixed a largish quantity of streaky green fondant icing. I used a colour called ivy which contains a mixture of two greens and a tiny bit of red. I then used a small circle cutter to cut out a big pile of circles of green fondant. I attached the circles in a circle around the edge of each cupcake, with each circle slightly overlapping the previous one. I repeated this to form an inner circle of fondant circle scales and then glued one last circle scale to the centre of the cupcake. The whole surface of each cupcake was completely covered with green fondant scales. I dusted each cupcake with edible gold dust to make the scales shiny and golden.

I then made the dragon’s face.


I cut the dragon’s face out of yellow fondant and painted on the features using edible gold powder food colouring. I made a nose from a small piece of yellow fondant rolled into an oval and attached that to the face. I painted the nose gold. I drew on the eye balls, nose and mouth detail with edible black pen. I made the whiskers from red fondant rolled into long, thin sausages which I attached to the face with edible glue. I also made the horns from red fondant and glued them to the head.

I made the background by icing the cake board with vanilla butter icing and sprinkling it with crushed Flakie chocolate and desiccated coconut, coloured a dark green.

Lastly, I made the tail.


I shaped the tail out of a thick piece of green fondant. I started by rolling the fondant into a thick tube with one end slightly thicker than the other. I flattened the thicker side slightly and cut the thinner end into three pieces. I used a sharp pair of scissors to snip the ridges along the tail. I then dusted the whole tail with edible gold dust.

Lastly, I took the remaining 11 cupcakes and iced them with vanilla butter icing. I dusted each cupcake with either silver or gold edible glitter to make the dragon’s treasure.

The final product looked like this!


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