I like to write poetry. It is not difficult for me as when I see a scene that moves me in any way, the idea for a poem jumps into my head. It is often more or less fully formed and only requires a little bit of mental tweaking to get it into a form I am happy with. I usually write in rhyming verse – that was how I was taught to write poetry at school and it is only recently that I have been spreading my wings a bit and experimenting with different styles of poetry. This new poem, The colour palette of dreams, is written in free verse and I must thank my blogging friends Sumyanna from sumyannawrites.wordpress.com and Yassy from yassy66.wordpress.com, both of whom use this style of writing poetry frequently, for writing such inspiring poems that have led me to dapple in free verse. So, without further ado, My colour palette of dreams:

I lie in a patch of sun;

My eyes slide closed;

Through my eyelids;

I see my artist’s palette of dreams;

Tubes of colour standing by;

Waiting to be mixed;

Bright yellows, oranges and pinks;

Shades of optimism and hope;

Add a splash of maroon

my ambitions blood;

A squeeze of bright red

symbolic of my passion;

a smudge of gold and silver;

shining achievements to date;

A smear or two of blue

my anxiety and apprehensions;

a daub of vibrant green;

a jelly fish in my sea of hope;

tinging it with caution.

 For those of you who have read this to the end, I am scared of jellyfish which have a sting in their tail. The purpose of the jellyfish in this final sentence is to symbolise caution and the possibility of a sting in the tail with over eagerness and rashness. I thought I would explain it’s purpose as my family tell me I sometimes write in riddles.

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17 thoughts on “My colour palette of dreams – a poem

  1. Love your poem.. An artist after my own heart.. 😉 and I am pleased you explained your Jelly fish.. That is often the beauty of creating a poem.. It holds only the inner message we truly understand.. While it leaves others to interpret it to suit their thoughts..
    Riddles are for others to find the answers lol

    Loved your cakes recently too, I tried to comment upon an image or two but it failed.

    Love and Blessings

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    1. Thank you, Sue. People who write know that all writing is an outpouring with a message. People who don’t write don’t always understand that and the hidden message. I found out recently that there is a spam folder that messages sometimes vanish into. I will check that and see if your messages are there. I am learning as I go along…

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