My review of On the Farm by Lesley Samson

On the farm



On the Farm is a collection of rhymes and illustrations covering life on the farm. The rhymes will help children learn the names of male, female and young of different farm animals, includes counting rhymes, daily life and values.

My review

On the farm is a beautiful collection of poems for children about life on a farm. The poems are mainly written in rhyming verse and are packed with interesting facts about farm animals. Children will learn all about roosters crowing to wake up the farm at dawn, sheep being sheared, mother hens sitting on their eggs to keep them warm, cows being milked and a whole lot more about domestic farm animals.

Milking time is one of the poems in On the Farm and it starts with the following pretty verse:

“They come into the milking shed,

And every cow there knows,

which one is her own special stall,

and into it she goes.”

Each poem is illustrated with a lovely drawing that depicts the content of the poem perfectly. Lesley Samson is certainly a talented writer and artist.

About Lesley Samson


Lesley Samson was born in Johannesburg, the great grand-daughter of a missionary of the London Missionary Society. She trained as a primary school teacher and taught for a few years before her marriage to Robert (Bob) Samson, a minister in the Presbyterian Church. Together with Bob, Lesley lived in Stutterheim, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg and Boksburg before they retired to Benoni.

Lesley used her teaching skills in Sunday School work for many years and to teach intellectually and physically challenged children. She spent over 30 years as a member of the Edenvale Entertainers (later the Golden Girls) which performed for the enjoyment of all sorts of groups, particularly in retirement villages. She became a regular choreographer for the group’s concerts.

As with her choreography, her art is self-taught. She illustrates a family calendar every year and produces personalised birthday cards for family and friends.

Lesley is the mother of three sons, Andrew (the well-known cricket statistician), John and Graham, mother-in law to two wonderful women and grandmother to two lovely girls. On the Farm is a selection of illustrated poems for children from a collection of 365 such poems.

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