Lantern #writephoto – The escape

This poem was written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. You can join the fun at


The escape

Thick tendrils of mist embrace the thick base;

The ancient trunk transforms into an eerie face;

Deep knotholes become dark hooded eyes;

A missing chunk of bark, a mouth that sighs.


Frothy fronds of foliage, a frame of hair;

In entirety a figure of torturous despair;

A screeching owl rents the dark;

Making my anxiety feel keen and stark.


I plunge along the path to escape its leer;

Knowing my friends at this would sneer;

To venture into the forest just before dawn;

Nothing could be easier, I’d thought with scorn.


I topple over a root, and tear off my nail;

I jump up and run on, before my nerves can fail;

The glimmer of a lantern appears up ahead;

I trade dim trees for houses and light instead.

by Robbie Cheadle

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