This story is written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt

How do a marzipan witch, a grey fondant cat, a melancholy peacock and golden swans fit together? Well, read on to find out.

The marzipan witch and the golden swans

In Chocolate land, there lives a marzipan witch;

She lives under a hedge in a chocolate mud ditch;

Her housekeeper is her grey, fondant cat;

Who keeps their home tidy and sweeps the mat.


This pair are always busy and do lots of kind deeds;

They help the squirrels collect their winter seeds;

They tend the bluebells that grow wild in the wood;

And encourage them to grow where they should.


The marzipan witch knows an amazing spell;

That she keeps to herself, and others won’t tell;

With it, she can assist any creature, bad or good;

That is lonely and sad and feels misunderstood.


The spell overcomes obstacles and finds a way;

For love and happiness to be found without delay;

The witch is friendly and kind with a very good heart;

She’s always there to help creatures make a new start.


She had a visit one day from a melancholy bird;

Looking at him she thought his sadness absurd;

A stunning peacock with lovely feathers of blue;

And others of green of every shade and hue.



How could such a creature feel sad and unhappy?

The very thought made her feel quite snappy;

Nothing could make some birds feel pleased;

Then he told his tale and her feelings eased.


His poor little peahen had taken ill and died;

He felt so sad he just sobbed and cried;

This state of affairs went on for a year;

His faithful friends for his health did fear.


He’d recently met a swan with a golden breast;

Together they’d built a magnificent nest;

But he could not swim, try as he might;

He’d nearly drowned which gave them a fright.



They wanted to be together and build a life;

They’d help each other through trouble and strife;

Peacocks are known to be faithful and loyal;

His inability to swim this lovely dream did spoil.


The marzipan witch decided this wish to grant;

And the secret words of her spell began to chant;

His feathers lost their colour and turned quite white;

His feathers grew waxy, becoming water tight.


His breast feathers became tinged with gold;

He turned into a swan, magnificent and bold;

He turned to the witch and honked his delight;

His whole manner was now happy and bright.


The two swans lived together for ever more;

Delighted at what life had for them in store;

A gaggle of fluffy goslings, one, two, three;

Every day on the lake the family you’ll see.


The witch and her cat often came to play;

The goslings always begged them to stay;

So life was happy on the condensed milk river;

Until one day it had narrowed to a slither…


but that is a story for another day.


Written by Robbie Cheadle


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37 thoughts on “Swan #writephoto – The marzipan witch and the golden swans

  1. What a lovely story, and such a happy ending… at least for now, uh-oh! I adore the little creatures you made for illustrations too: so cute. I just wish I had a marzipan witch in real life — or at least knew the secret of that spell. 🙂

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  2. Cute and creative, Robbie. The other commenters seem to want the witch for her spells. Not me — I want that housekeeping kitty! I’d live on allergy pills to have a cat like that! I’ll go with “the milk of human kindness” for my spells.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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