Blogging – Legally?

Originally posted on Thoughtsnlifeblog this useful post provides lots of advice on making sure your blog is legal.


How Legal Do we Need to be as Blogger?

What Legal bits do we need to know?

Do we have to follow anything?

I like most other bloggers I  am a self-taught blogger.   Looking here and looking there for ideas and advice.  I feel here in the UK there isn’t a lot of advice, or it could be that I am looking in the wrong place.

In all honesty,  I am cluelessand this post is a discussion post for all us bloggers to share our advice and learnings with one another.  That way we all grow together and are safe online whilst blogging.    Apparently, if we are not careful we can lose a lot!

However,  in my travels of trying out to find out what one should be doing as a blogger to be legal.I have come across a few articles – URL links below for you all.  …

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7 thoughts on “Blogging – Legally?

      1. On reflection, you mean that the advice might be outdated. That is true but at least it is food for thought. I live in a different jurisdiction so the law will be different but I am going to investigate a little and some of this advice just makes complete common sense.

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  1. There is so much to be aware of and most importantly for us is asking people if it is okay to post conversations and pictures we have as a result of time spent with them. Everyone is so gracious with allowing us the privilege of sharing their thoughts.

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