We love you, Daddy – a poem

This is the week for me to celebrate my Dad, a truly unique man. He celebrated his birthday on Saturday with the family and I made him a splendid cake. Today, I am sharing a poem I wrote as a tribute to our Dad.

We love you, Daddy

Daddy, you must know,

You’re our number one guy;

When we’re right down low,

And when we’re flying high;


As tiny mites you tickled us,

Which made us laugh and giggle;

You told long family anecdotes,

Which made us yawn and wriggle;


You taught us to look after things,

And made us clean our bike;

Polishing spokes ‘til they shone,

Which none of us did like;


You are our first port of call,

When things are going badly;

Your help we all receive,

Most gratefully and gladly;


Our sister into labour went,

While travelling in her car;

You are the one she called,

To come rushing from afar;


As we travel our chosen path,

Men will come and leave;

But you will always be the best,

We honestly believe.

By Robbie Cheadle

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16 thoughts on “We love you, Daddy – a poem

  1. Very touching, and very thoughtful to write your father a poem. I imagine there are many people out there who think: “Oh, some day, I’ll do something really special to thank my father (or mother) for everything they’ve done for me, to show them how much they mean to me,” only to never act on these thoughts until one day, it is simply too late. Time flies, and if we are lucky enough to have such precious people in our lives, it is important to show and tell them.

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  2. I love this Robbie…. so many more memories I have. He used to come and watch my horse riding shows all day…. he gave advice while I was riding and he was always right!!!

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