This time of the year is all about family. In keeping with the spirit of Christmas, I decided to post this short poem which I wrote as a tribute to my Mother. My Mother is a most amazing woman. My Father died when I was three months old and my Mother decided she needed a change. She packed up her belongings and her tiny child and set sail for South Africa.  In South Africa she met and married my stepfather and established a lovely home. All four of her daughters adore her, are close to her, and have grown up to lead successful lives with their own homes, careers and families. We love you Mom.

Our Mother

There she sits, small, and yet so tough;

Always ready to tell us when enough is enough;

Our number one fan when things go well;

Always there to help us up, when down we fell;

Her home cooked meals are a delightful thought;

As are the important messages which, to us, she taught;

The best ways to get a cake to rise;

Never to tell our friends or family lies;

How to eat nicely with a fork and knife;

How a little kindness goes a long way in life;

Amazing mom, we are blessed to have you near;

As you are the person we hold most dear.

by Robbie Cheadle

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