My nieces occasionally come for a sleep over and we have a lovely time baking, making fondant creations and doing lots of girly things. It is a change from my noisy and rambunctious boys and very enjoyable. I wrote this poem for my best big girl, Emily.

The girls

Eyes flutter open,

Solemn and round;

Looking at her,

My love does abound.


I always sense,

When she’s awake;

Although no movement,

Or sound she’ll make.


We lie in bed,

And have a chat;

Sweet tales she tells,

Of her sister and cat.


Off to the kitchen,

To have a drink;

She paints a picture,

Everything is pink.


Later she’ll dress up,

And have a dance;

All around the room,

She’ll jump and prance.


It is such fun,

To have a girl;

I wash her face,

Hair, brush and curl.


Then off we go,

To the mall;

To shop and eat,

And have a ball.


The boys don’t come,

Shoppings not the way;

They want to spend,

A free Saturday.


By Robbie Cheadle

This cake features my little Em at the beach.



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