Every year we host a Christmas charity event in add of the St Columba’s Church’s  Charity Christmas Lunch on 25 December. We invite friends and family to come over and celebrate Christmas with us and to bring a donation for the lunch.

This year, as it is Mike and my first year as published authors, we decided to make our Sir Chocolate character centre to our Christmas charity party theme. This filled me with great delight as it meant that I could make the four tiered Christmas cake that I had been longing to make and decorate it with the ice-cream rainbow fairies from Mike and my latest book inspiration.

As it would just be ridiculous to make a four tiered cake using real cake for all four tiers, I bought a polystyrene mock cake for the bottom tier. This is the first time I have ever done that. It actually worked out really well as I was able to start decorating the bottom layer well in advance of the party. I decided that the bottom layer would be an “in the garden theme”. I made ten fondant bees, two fondant dragon flies and dozens of different flowers for this huge bottom tier.

The other three layers are all Christmas cakes which I made a few weeks in advance using my family’s old fashioned Christmas cake recipe. The video of how to make my Christmas cake is set out below.


Christmas cakes have to  bake slowly in the oven on a low heat for three or four hours so it is very important to line your cake tins properly when baking these cakes. My instructions on how to line a cake tin for a Christmas cake are detailed in the following video.

Once the three cakes were baked, I wrapped them up in tin foil and feed them with 5 ml of brandy for about 3 weeks. The cakes were then ready to marzipan. I bought imitation marzipan as I had made 5 other Christmas cakes for gifts for various people and it works out a lot cheaper to buy this than to make the real thing myself. A lot of people also don’t eat marzipan anymore so it can be a bit upsetting to go to all the effort of making it only to have it end up in the dustbin.

I carefully covered each cake with marzipan by cutting out a layer for the top using the cake tin as a template and then cutting out lengths, measured to fit, for around the sides. The marzipan covered cakes were then left to dry out for one week before I covered them with fondant. I used white fondant for three of the layers and royal icing for the fourth layer. The royal icing covered cake I then covered with hundreds and thousands to give it a lovely festive effect.

The cakes were then ready for decorating.  I used peony flowers as my large flowers and made seven fairies in the seven different colours of the rainbow for the top layers of the cake. I also made seven ice creams in the seven different colours of the rainbow for the top cake. My tutorial for making the fairies is as follows:


The final cake came out well and looked like this:


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17 thoughts on “Sir Chocolate Charity Event amazing giant Christmas cake

  1. This is an awesome cake, Robbie. I love your video tutorials too. What a great idea! Such a nice thing to do to make it for the charity lunch. Congratulations on your first year as published authors.

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