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Masking pain

To watch a child suffering;

from a chronic illness;

is excruciatingly painful;

You question the cause;

Was it me – something I did?

Something I ate?

During the bad times;

your pain burns;

like a bright, flaming sword;

It sears through your veins;

and scorches your heart;

During better times;

it smoulders;

like embers in a hearth;

to hot to hold;

its innoxious looks quite misleading;

At all times you keep the pain masked;

hidden beneath a cheerful smile;

but at all times;

the fire stays alive;

Ill health and fever like bellows;

fan the flames and make them spread;

Hope and improvement like a blanket;

have a smothering effect;

but it never goes out;

it just burns down low.

by Robbie Cheadle






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