For Creativity Challenge Day 15 – together

Forty years married,

Quite a challenging feat,

Few people now days,

This record will beat.


In these modern times,

Divorce and separation,

Are easily attained,

Without much hesitation.


Forty years is lengthily,

A large chunk of one’s life,

You experience much together,

Happiness, sadness and strife.


You’ve raised four daughters,

Watched them grow with pride,

They have become amazing women,

With their parents by their side.


You have six grandchildren,

Two girls and four boys,

It is wonderful when they visit,

But you’re deafened by the noise.


Forty years of marriage,

A worthwhile accomplishment,

Your closeness to your family,

Itself a huge compliment.

by Robbie Cheadle

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7 thoughts on “Forty years of marriage – a poem about togetherness

  1. And your family – your children and grandchildren – are blessed that you stayed together, giving them such a secure foundation. I admire those who make it the whole way together. It is indeed an accomplishment.

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