I am a member of my firm’s corporate citizenship team. This team is responsible for organising our department’s charity fund raising events and, also, for choosing the charities which will benefit from our activities on an annual basis. This year, one of the charities we chose is Bethany Home, a sanctuary for abused women and their children. If you interesting in finding out more about Bethany Home you can following this link http://www.bethanyhome.co.za/ to their homepage.

Our department comprises of four different business units and we divided the wish list we received from Bethany Home into four lists, by value per employee (I didn’t do that, I left that to the number crunchers), and held a competition as to which department could collect the items on its list first. The prize for the winning team is a cake to be made by yours truly. On Friday, we had a winning team and so this weekend I set about making a train station cake. My idea was that the cake could go with the chocolate train I made last weekend.

Making the train station cake

Making the train station cake really wasn’t that difficult. I baked two large rectangular sponge cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate, and cut them exactly in half. I used the sponge cake recipes that I have developed but you can use any sponge cake recipe you want. I shaved the tops of the four cake pieces to make them fairly flat. I then made butter icing and “glued” the bottom cake piece to the cake board. I “glued” the other three pieces of cake to the bottom piece, one on top of the other. I used four wooden skewers to firmly secure the four pieces of cake together. I then covered the whole stacked cake with butter icing.


Next, I rolled out a large sheet of white fondant and covered the entire cake with this fondant. The purpose of this under sheet of fondant is to ensure that the whole cake is firmly held together. I left the fondant to harden for approximately 30 minutes. I mixed brick coloured fondant and rolled it out to a thickness of approximately 5 mm. I then proceeded to cut out bricks of fondant measuring 1 cm wide by 2cm long. I covered the entire structure with these rustic coloured bricks.

I then made royal icing using the method detailed in the video below and covered the whole cake board with the royal icing.

I made the station platform using Chomp chocolates, laid side by side on the royal icing. I also make the train tracks using Chomp chocolates laid in two long lines right across the bottom of the cake board. I crushed Flake chocolates and used the crumbs to make the dirt in front of the platform and between the railway tracks. I attached the train to the railway lines using more royal icing. I made the grassy area using desiccated coconut coloured with green powder food colouring which I patted lightly into the royal icing on the cake board.


I covered the entire roof of the railway station with royal icing and attached strips of thin multi coloured candy for the roof tiles. I cut a square of white fondant for the window and a long, thin rectangle of white fondant for the sign board. I used a liquid chocolate pen to write the station name “Chocolateville” across the sign board. The door is made of lines of different coloured Smartie sweets with a border of green candy tubes and door handles made from silver pearl delights. I surrounded the windowpane with a border of Smartie sweets and added a sign above stating “Tickets”. The train station was then complete.


How to make the train

I made the train using a train mould made of silicon. I melted two-thirds of the milk chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water. Once the chocolate was completely melted, I added the remaining third of the chocolate and left it to melt. This tempers the chocolate by reducing the temperature and making it lovely and shiny.

I made a mixture of different sweets to fill the train and carriages. I poured a little chocolate into each section of the mould and then filled each section with the sweets mixture. I poured the chocolate over the sweet mixture and gently tapped the mould to distribute the chocolate between the sweets. I used white chocolate for four of the carriages to add a bit of variety. I placed the whole train in the refrigerator to set.

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