I saw this on Ladyleemanila’s blog: https://ladyleemanilablog.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/panakot-uwak-miniature-writing-challenge-71/

“A miniature writing challenge – that looks like fun”, I thought. The topic for the week is “Boredom” and I have just the short poem for that. I am not sure if it quite fits the description of miniature but it is much shorter than my usual poems.

A school day

The teachers voice, a background buzz;

Lulls me to sleep, it always does;

It has a nearly hypnotic effect;

My brain, shut down, does effect;

Its faculties seem to turn to mush;

Day dreams slide in, with a rush;

Does this presumptuous teacher really think?

That all this nonsense will ever sink;

Into my mind, which wanders too;

Far distant lands, reserved for few.

by Robbie Cheadle

Of course, there must be a cake to go with the poem, and here it is:

img_0574Of course, this poem is a bit naughty because school is not at all boring. My oldest son has been writing exam and I have been testing him on his work. I found Grade 7 history, geography and science totally fascinating. Much more so than when I was at school myself. I wonder why that is?

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