Who is the most evil character in the Harry Potter book series?

My older son asked me yesterday “Mom, who do you think is the most evil character in the Harry Potter book series?” I didn’t give my reply much thought at all “Well, it must be Lord Voldemort!” – he is the fascist-styled leader of a group of evil witches and wizards in the books and the mastermind behind the plot to rid the world of non-magical people, or Muggles, as they are called in the book.

“Are you sure?” asked Greg, aged 13 and three quarters. “Lord Voldemort is evil but he isn’t the character that disturbs me the most.” In Greg’s world, he has a list of the three most evil characters in the world of Harry Potter. Lord Voldemort appears on the list – as number three! So who could possibly be worse? “I really don’t like Bellatrix Lestrange.” I thought about that, yes, Bellatrix is a truly evil witch, Lord Voldemort’s most loyal follower and the one who is instrumental in carrying out his plans. Bellatrix is very happy to torture and murder anyone who stands in the path to glory and dominance for her Master. “She’s my number 2.” Number 2, I gasped in amazement – who could possibly be worse. I wracked my brain to think who could fit the most evil bill; it has been a while since I read Harry Potter.

“The character I detest the most is Delores Umbridge”, says Greg with a little smile. “She is a teacher and should share knowledge with and inspire her students. Instead, she betrays her position of trust and tortures Harry. She makes him cut the words “I must not tell lies” into his hand and the whole time she has a sickly sweet smile on her face.” A very interesting view and one I would not necessarily have arrived at myself. On reflection thought, I absolutely agree with Greg.

So what do you think? Who is the most detestable character in the Harry Potter series – let me know by commenting.



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