This week I made my first cake for a First Holy Communion. It was a very exciting event for the family and I was very pleased to have an opportunity to be involved in the event and to experiment with a completely new design. I showed the family a few different examples of First Holy Communion cakes and they selected the design they liked the best. I was then free to decide how to create a cake based on their chosen design and my own inspiration.

We decided on a two tiered cake with a Bible for the centre piece of the top cake and a Rosary. The colours we decided on were pink and silver and I decided to also include a few white roses in the design.

How to make the Bible

I made the Bible by cutting out two rectangles, of equal size, from pink fondant. These would be the top and bottom covers of the Bible. I used edible glue to attach the twelve chocolate balls to the bottom cover to create the depth for the book. I made the spine of the book by cutting out a thinner rectangle, of the same length as the cover, from pink fondant. I cut another rectangle of the same size as the spine, from white fondant, and two other rectangles of the same length as the top and bottom of the Bible and the same width as the spine. I scored lines into the three white rectangles to resemble pages and then brushed edible shimmer dust over them to highlight the scoring. I assembled the Bible using royal icing (the recipe can be found in Book 1: Sir Chocolate and the strawberry cream berries story and cookbook and the baking video on The World of Sir Chocolate, Book 1: Sir Chocolate and the strawberry cream berries story and cookbook menu of this page).

I cut a Cross out of fondant, coloured dark silver. The Cross was slightly smaller than the cover of the Bible. I decorated the Cross with edible silver balls and edible silver glitter as per the picture below.


How to make the Rosary

I made the Rosary out of beads shaped from pale pink fondant and dusted with edible pink shimmer dust. I made a smaller Cross from dark sliver fondant and dusted it with edible silver glitter. When I assembled the cake, I positioned the beads and Cross to form a Rosary.

Assembling the cake

I made a large round cake using my own red velvet cake recipe and a smaller top tier using my own vanilla cake recipe. I have experimented with a number of recipes and formulated these two recipes.

I covered both cakes in a layer of vanilla butter icing and then rolled out white fondant, to a thickness of about 5 mm, which I used to cover both cakes. I used thick dusky pink ribbon to decorate the bottom of both cakes and then I attached the top tier to the centre of the bottom tier using royal icing. I attached the Bible and the beads forming the Rosary to the top tier using more royal icing.

I cut a round disk out of white fondant and attached silver balls all around the edge using edible glue. A used a stencil and bright pink food colouring to make the letter “A” in the middle to the disk. I attached this to the centre of the bottom cake and then added three small white roses on each side of the disk. I made the roses using the How to make a small rose tutorial featured on the Tutorials menu of this blog.

The cake was then ready for the function.

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