I decided to dedicate this weeks poetry blog to two of the most amazing and inspirational people I have had the privilege of knowing: Prof Hansie Wolmerans and the late Rev Chunky Young.

Chunky was incredibly generous and giving and dedicated his whole life to uplifting and improving the lives of others. When Chunky died unexpectedly earlier this year, the community was devastated. I still really miss him and have not yet got used to the idea that he is no longer there and available to us. I wrote the second poem set out below, entitled Some People, as a tribute to Chunky.

Hansie is an incredibly inspirational leader and speaker and has also dedicated his life to improving the lot of others. He retired a few months ago and we have not seen much of him lately. I received a message on social media from Hansie earlier this week and it pleased me so much that the following poem, entitled Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy, literally popped into my head, ready made.

I hope you will enjoy these poems and gain some insight into the characters and lives of two wonderful people.

Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy

In this modern world, sometimes, I feel like I am going crazy;

At work, crashing deadlines, unexpected issues, needing time, needing urgent attention;

An endless cycle:

  • Attend a meeting;
  • Participate in a call;
  • Draft an announcement;
  • Review a document;
  • Prepare training;
  • Explain a concept…

It sometimes seems relentless, a knot of anxiety in my stomach, as I work through the long list of tasks, carefully and exactingly, there is no room for error.

In my dual purpose life, sometimes, I feel like I am going crazy;

At home, husband and children, all needing help, needing time, needing advice;

An endless cycle:

  • Help with homework;
  • Test work for exams;
  • Make school lunches;
  • Tie my shoe laces;
  • Listen about my day;
  • Tidy up the house…

I feel like a monster mother, driving them on, helping them meet the demands of their high speed, high-tech lives.

And then you reached out to me, I saw your short message;

It gave me hope, I felt inspired – like a welcome shower of rain, my spirit felt revived;

I know that sometimes I will still feel like I am going crazy, but

with you there to lead me, with your wise words, inspiring thoughts and wonderful smile,

When life is overwhelming and feels like a confusing maze,

Under your guidance, I think I can make it through and arrive safely on the other side.


By Robbie Cheadle

Some people – a tribute to Chunky Young

Some people mark this imperfect world;

Just by being, make it a better place;

Encouraging, selfless and ethusiastic;

They’re a buffer against the rat race.


Some people evolve into human hubs;

Knowing everyone – friends with all;

Able to link you up with someone;

To help you stand proud and tall.


Some people have enormous hearts;

That seem to beat outside their body;

Touching everything around them;

Tinging with goodness the weak and shoddy.


Some people mould our minds and spirits;

Forging new thought patterns that inspire;

Following in such worthy footsteps;

Becomes our ambition and desire.


God calls some people back to him;

Before we are ready, or want, them to go;

As we pick ourselves up and go on – alone;

His guidance in our actions will show.


By Robbie Cheadle


4 thoughts on “Two poems for two inspirational people

  1. Thank you Robbie. It certainly is a universal truth that life is full of challenges and these truths remind me to slow down and listen, just to be and be at peace.
    The truth will always be that we cannot control tomorrow…


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