Last night was Guy Fawkes night and we celebrated by having a family braai followed by a small fireworks display and, of course, lots of crackers and sparklers for the children. It was a really enjoyable evening with good food and lots of wine. Everybody had a great time, from Granny Toots who turned 95 last week to Taylor, our youngest cousin, who turns four next year.

A family celebration of any shape, kind or form at my house, clearly requires a cake of some kind. I decided on a chocolate mousse cake and got up at 5am on Saturday to make it. Firstly I made a single mixture of my Sir Chocolate cake recipe and divided the mixture into two. The recipe can be found in Book 2: Sir Chocolate and the baby cookie monster story and cookbook that has just become available and the video is available on the Baking videos and tutorials menu of this blog. I baked the two halves in two greased 25 cm spring bottom baking pans. While the two thin cakes were cooling, I made the chocolate mousse filling. I use a simple but delicious recipe that uses marshmallows as the primary ingredient, as follows:


150 grams of pink and white marshmallows roughly chopped into pieces;

200 grams of 70% coco chocolate roughly chopped;

50 grams of milk chocolate roughly chopped;

50 grams of butter;

20 ml boiling water;

45 ml orange flavoured liqueur (I used Cointreau);

1 cup double thick cream;

5 ml vanilla essence


Place marshmallow, chocolate, butter, boiling water, vanilla essence and Cointreau in a double boiler and allow to melt. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Beat the double thick cream into the chocolate mixture.

Reassemble the spring bottom cake tin and put the first thin chocolate cake at the bottom. Pour the chocolate mousse mixture of the cake and put the tin into the refrigerator to set (approximately 90 minutes). Layer the second cake on top of the chocolate mousse and return to the refrigerator for a further 60 minutes. Remove the cake from the cake tin and put it on a cake cooling rack. Make the chocolate ganache topping by bringing 200 ml of cream to the boil and adding 400 grams of chopped chocolate. Once the chocolate has melted completely allow the ganache to cool and then pour it slowly over the cake. I put newspaper underneath the cooling rack to catch the excess ganache. Return the cake to the refrigerator to set.


I cut out and wired about 30 stars of different sizes. I painted the stars using edible red and gold crystals and gold and orange food colouring. I cut the wires so that they were all different lengths.

I made a bonfire using chocolate flake bars cut in half, orange and yellow coloured butter icing (I use the recipe that features in Book 2: Sir Chocolate and the baby cookie monster story and cookbook but I replace the coco powder and boiling water with 5ml vanilla essence and 20 ml of milk) and a Marie biscuit which I used for the base. I piled orange butter icing in the centre of the Marie biscuit and assembled the chocolate flake “logs” around this centre. I used a star nozzle to pipe orange and yellow butter icing to resemble flames.

And there I had it, the amazing Guy Fawkes celebration cake set out in the picture below.


For those of you that think I can’t make anything healthy, I also made a salad with tomato “flowers” which delighted my two nieces.



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