My mother thought last weeks poem entitled “Who’s really free” was depressing. She said I should write something more cheerful and amusing. My Michael was tasked with learning a poem by Roald Dahl this week, entitled “Television” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl’s hilarious style of writing appealed to me and got me in the mood to attempt a more amusing poem. For some reason the concept of grandparents seems very topical in my life at the moment. It is my mother’s actual birthday tomorrow and this event is closely followed by the birthday of our Granny Toot’s the following week. My husband’s mother’s birthday rings up the rear on 4 December. With all this focus on celebrating the birthdays and lives of the older members of our family, I decided it was appropriate to write about grandparents. My latest creation in this regard is set out below. Please comment and let me know what you think of my attempt at a different style and flow.


You’ll find them everywhere you look;

Quietly observing from every cranny and nook;

Drinking tea with friends in a local tea house;

In a pet store showing the children a mouse;

Cheering on the team at a school hockey match;

In a chicken coop, helping the chicks to hatch;

At the hospital, bringing flowers to a friend;

At a play, watching until the very end;

They take the grandkids overnight;

They help resolve a sibling fight;

They build a pirate island in the sand pit;

They search and find missing soccer kit;

They teach our children not to stare;

And sooth them after a horrid nightmare;

They help us with our daily grind;

To our pressures and stress they are not blind;

They support us through our daily toil;

Although their comments can make the blood boil;

Their selective hearing can be hard to take;

You shout so loud, the dead could wake;

“No need to shout”, they say, “we heard you clearly”;

Sometimes its lucky for them, we love them so dearly;

The dinner is too salty, the cake is to sweet;

“Where did you find such frightfully tough meat”;

Its easier to sit back and let them cook the dinner;

Although watching them makes you feel like a sinner;

And their criticism of our parenting style;

Is enough our delicate feelings to rile;

There are so many positives to their involvement;

You couldn’t possibly bear any resentment;

I salute the moms and dads of the post war generation;

Who changed the world with their determined inspiration.

by Robbie Cheadle


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