How to make a fishing boy cake

I decided to make a fishing boy cake. My idea was that the boy would be asleep on a raft on a river running through a field. There would be fish, which would be laughing at the sleeping boy and a few cows in the field.


The picture above shows the detail of the two cows that I made out of fondant for this cake. It also shows the fish with their heads poking out of the water. I didn’t make the fish – Beacon sweets have already perfected marshmallow fish and I saw no reason to try and improve on their creations. I sliced the heads of the marshmallow fish off at an angle so that they would poke out of the blue butter cream icing water.

I made the rocks out of larger peanut chocolate clusters and smaller Hokey Pokey chocolate clusters which I bought during a recent visit to Auckland, New Zealand. Coconut clusters would work just as well but I bought the Hokey Pokey clusters as an experiment [it turned out to be a rather nice one]. I used small flower cutters to cut out a number of orange and yellow flowers which I glued in clusters around the chocolate cluster rocks.


I made the fishing boy out of fondant. I also made the sail out of a sheet of fondant cut into a square and left to dry overnight. The raft is made from four TimTam biscuits which I also acquired on my New Zealand visit. I “glued” the TimTam’s together using royal icing. The mast was made from two thirds of a chocolate flaky which I cut to size.

Cake assembly

I made the actual cake from a large rectangular chocolate cake and a smaller square vanilla cake. I cut the “river bed” into the cake using a small, sharp knife. I then covered the whole cake with a layer of vanilla butter icing. I coloured fondant a lovely leaf green, rolled it out and covered the entire cake with a layer of green fondant. I used a small, sharp knife to cut away the excess fondant around the edges of the cake. I created the butter icing river using a light blue icing which I swirled around using the tines of a fork to give it a rough look like water. I used royal icing to attach the chocolate cluster rocks and cows as detailed above and attached the raft to the blue butter icing. And bingo, I had created my sleeping fishing boy cake.


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