How to make a fairy out of fondant

In the world of Sir Chocolate, there live a number of fairies. Book 3: Sir Chocolate and the sugar dough bees features the fruit drop fairies. We have also recently created the ice-cream rainbow fairies. Mike and I came up with the concept for Sir Chocolate and the ice-cream rainbow fairies which we were at the Kids Lit Quiz in Auckland New Zealand last month. New Zealand is a pastoral economy and they produce a lot of milk related products, one of which is the most delicious ice-cream. We visited a most interesting ice-cream shop in Auckland which sold a huge variety of ice-cream, including an new flavour we were not familiar with called Hokey Pokey ice-cream. The selection was so fascinating that Mike and I started discussing all the potential for including ice-cream in Sir Chocolate’s World and by the time we had walked back to our apartment, we had mapped out the entire story line for Sir Chocolate and the ice-cream rainbow fairies.

This particular book necessitates the creation of seven new fairies. I love making fairies so we got started as soon as we arrived back home. How I make my fairies out of fondant is set out on a step by step basis below.

The head

Firstly, I colour fondant with either flesh powder food colouring or with a very pale pink. I then break off a piece and roll it into a ball (picture 1 above). To give the head a more realistic shape, I gently roll the lower half of the ball between my fingers to make the lower half slightly indented and make the head more oval in shape. Using a small ball tool (yellow in picture above), I push it into the head to make the eye sockets. I use green pearl delights for eyes for my fairies. I dab the inside of the eye sockets with edible sugar glue and push the pearl delights into the holes. I use the ball tool push the pearl delights well into the head until the front is flush with the head. You can use a small drinking straw, cut in half, to make the mouth (and/or closed eyes if you want). I then push a cocktail stick into the head on one side a half a polystyrene ball on the other side and leave it to firm up overnight (picture 2).

The body

For the body, I rolled fondant, coloured violet, into a long oval shape. I gently inserted a cocktail stick through the body to give it support and also to attach the head to the body (picture 3). I made the legs from flesh coloured fondant which I rolled into a thin tube and then taper slightly at the ends to form the ankles. I made the shoes by rolling a small ball of violet fondant into a short tube and tapering one end to a point. I folded the legs so that they both pointed forwards and attached the shoes using sugar glue. I squashed down the end of the legs that goes under the skirt so that the body could sit firmly onto the top of the legs. I rolled out violet fondant to about 5mm thick and cut out a star shape using a cookie cutter. This was the skirt which I then glued to the top of the legs as per the picture (picture 4). I glued the body to the skirt with sugar glue. I made arms out of flesh coloured fondant by rolling out two small tubes of the same size and rolling the tubes between my fingers,near the one end, to form the wrists. I left the body of the fairy to firm up and harden overnight (picture 5).

Final steps


gently pulled the cocktail stick out of the head. I made the hat (which is intended to remind you of an ice-cream) by rolling a long thin tube of violet fondant and winding it up into a snail shell shape. I dabbed the edges of the tube with sugar glue to make it all stick together. I shortened the cocktail stick that was supporting the body by cutting off the top with a pair of scissors. I then attached the head to the body by inserting the shortened cocktail stick into the head and gluing it on with sugar glue. I used sugar glue to attach edible silver crystals to the dress and hat.

This violet fairy was the first of seven. Some of her friends are featured below:



You can give your fairy curls by wrapping thin tubes of fondant in the desired colour around a cocktail stick and leaving them to firm up. Once firm (but not completely dry) you gently remove the cocktail stick from the curl and glue it to the fairies head.


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