The Understated Bridal Shower cake

My colleague at work is getting married on Saturday. We always like to organise a little get together with the whole team for these types of events. My colleague is one of the nicest people imaginable so I wanted to create a very special cake for her work bridal shower. I had been hearing about the wedding on and off for months and had a fair bit of knowledge about the bride-to-be’s tastes and colour scheme when I started to plan the design of the cake.  Her wedding is going to be a very tasteful event with a colour scheme in shades of white and tones of cream. With this in mind, I created this cake!


I like to let my fondant creations dry out completely before I use them. This reduces the margin for disaster on assembly of the cake significantly. I started by mixing a good quantity of cream coloured fondant. I love hydrangeas, particularly the blue ones, so I decided to make a cream hydrangea for the centre piece of the cake. I used a polystyrene ball for the centre of the hydrangea and poked it full of little holes about 1 cm apart, using a toothpick. I the rolled out the cream fondant as thin as possible and cut out about 40 hydrangea flowers using a hydrangea flower cutter. I rolled a toothpick, lightly covered in corn flour, across each petal to texture the petals and give them a very delicate look. I used a serrated cone tool to gently push each flower into a hole in the polystyrene ball which I had already dabbed with edible glue. I did this all the way around the ball. I inserted a wooden skewer into the centre of the underside of the hydrangea as the stem / support for the flower.


I dusted the entire flower with edible luster dust to give it a lovely glimmer and shine. I made two tiny bows out of the cream fondant for either side of the stem and cut long strips of cream fondant to make a curling ribbon. I created the curls by gently wrapping the strips of fondant around a wooden skewer and letting them harden.

I baked a rich chocolate cake for the smaller top layer (the recipe can be found in Book 2: Sir Chocolate and the baby cookie monster, available in November 2016) and carefully sliced off the top to make it flat. I covered the cake with a thin layer of vanilla butter icing. I then rolled out a sheet of white fondant, approximately 5mm thick, and gently lowered it over the cake. I used my hands to smooth the fondant over the entire cake and push is slightly under the bottom of the cake. I then used a very sharp knife to cut away the excess fondant.

I then turned my attention to the bigger bottom cake. I baked a fairly large vanilla cake, using a double mixture (the recipe for my vanilla cake can be found in Book 3: Sir Chocolate and the sugar dough bees – coming soon). I carefully sliced off the top of the cake to make it completely flat and covered it with a thin layer of vanilla butter icing. Again, I rolled out a large sheet of white fondant and covered the larger cake using the steps detailed above.

I assembled the cake by, firstly, attaching larger cake to the cake board and, secondly, attaching the smaller cake to the larger cake using royal icing (the recipe for royal icing can be found in Book 1: Sir Chocolate and the strawberry cream berries). I positioned the smaller cake to the back of the larger cake to create a platform at the front of the cake. I used a feather fondant cutter to make feathers out of cream fondant which I positioned all around the top of the larger cake, hanging over the edge of the cake. I then attached the bride and groom that I had previously made out of fondant to the cake board with royal icing. I left this whole creation to dry and firm up overnight.


Instructions on how to make people out of fondant will follow in this blog in due course. I made the bride in shades of white, cream and a very pale yellow luster dust in line with the understated theme. The groom was different. When I met my colleague’s intended I decided that he was far from understated. As a tribute to his vibrant character, I made the groom wearing a black suit with a bright red bowtie.

And there it was, an Understated Bridal Shower Cake.




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